Art Courses at OPT

Creative Arts Centre

Creative Arts Centre offers variety of courses, such as: Photography, Photoshop, Architectural Drawing, Painting and Drawing, Comic Books and the Elements of Illustrations, Drums and Performance. They are all run based on well defined mechanisms of action that have been carefully designed and well developed over the years, thus being one of the best in the market today. We show, that the reality can be seen and interpreted through the prism of one’s own art and creativity. Each particle of the world that we experience, delaminates like the light, into an infinite number of thoughts, concepts and inspirations. Course leaders are active both in the educational and creative realm. Besides running the courses, they create, publish, discover, pursue and ask questions. 

Courses conducted in English: Painting and Drawing, Drums,  Architectural drawing, and Performance.

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Kursy OPT - semestr zimowy 2022/2023