Creative Arts Centre

Cultural Institution in Wrocław

Creative Arts Centre

Creative Arts Centre [Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych (OPT) in Polish] is a municipal cultural institution. Our main purpose is to educate through art and cultural activities.

We offer workshops that allow creative dialogue and thought exchange. We fully support the growth of your artistic awareness, we develop your creative mindset, we inspire you to think independently. We teach you tools and skills useful in many areas of creativity and art as well as in your professional work. We promote mindfulness and the highest work standards at every stage of the work.

We develop relationships that evolved during the classes by organizing a variety of events and by inviting you to our subsidiary Graphic and Letterpress Workshop and Photography Gallery called Miejsce przy Miejscu (A place by the place). We support both our workshop participants as well as our graduates through publishing their works and organizing their exhibitions. We own a publishing house through which we present interesting and unique publications worth noticing (some published by our own publishing house). Solo Festival and our own magazine Helicopter, are very important part of our work.

We demonstrate that the reality can be perceived through the prism of art. As a result, each oncoming element of the world that surrounds us, delaminates just like the light, creating the limitless number of shades, inspirations and concepts.

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