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Music Events
Music Events

Upcoming events:

17.02.2018  Sam An­dre­ae / Da­vid Bir­chall / Otto Wil­l­berg – con­cert
18.04.2018  Butoh Techno – audiovisual performance

Music has a very important place at the Creative Arts Centre. We not only have our own percussion studio, that anyone can sign up for, but constantly organize numerous events to show and share our passion for music with you.

We have been organizing the Solo Festival for some years now. It is an original project led by Kuba Suchar that aims at meeting various artist dealing with improvised music. We also invite you to participate in many different concerts, workshops and events.

Upcoming shows at OPT: Sam An­dre­ae / Da­vid Bir­chall / Otto Wil­l­berg - concert (17.02), Butoh Techno - audiovisual performance (18.04) – for details go to Music Events