Photographic Services

Creative Arts Centre

Photographic Services

We offer a variety of services catered to individual needs as well as creative approach for each project and client.

Usługi fotograficzne w OPT (fotografia dokumentacyjna i reklamowa)

Documentary photography

  • artistic events (openings, concerts, meetings, special events)
  • documenting the exhibitions (exhibitions in galleries, museums and in the open air)
  • cultural and business events (conferences, workshops, team building meetings)
  • architecture (buildings, monuments, estates, office buildings, hotels)
  • interior design (restaurants and bars, centers, offices)
  • portraits (individual and group)

Commercial photography

  • business photography (management and team portraits, presentation of the headquarters and offices)
  • modeling sessions (in the studio and in the open air)
  • product photography (arranged sessions, packshots)


Please contact us at +48 71 364 27 65 or +48 663 77 99 64 for information about individual cost of each photo session. Prices vary according to individual needs and the extend of the tasks involved in the project.