David McLean & Shepherds of Cats & VJ Pietrushka

David McLean

David McLean is a Manchester based Multi-Instrumentalist, Improviser and founder of Tombed Visions Records. His solo projects include Stushevatsya and Punctum and plays in groups such as River Slaughter, Cornered Yet Climbing, Gnod, Action Beat, Charles Hayward’s Anonymous Bash, Lake of Snakes, Severed Shadow, Aging, A-Sun Amissa and Naked (On Drugs).

As an active member of Manchester’s creative/improvised music scene, McLean has performed and collaborated with the likes of Colin Webster, Pascal Nichols, Kelly Jayne Jones, Sam Weaver, Andrew Cheetham, Danny Saul, Otto Willberg, Christian Weaver, David Birchall, Oliver Barrett, Lauren Bolger, Sam Andreae. Mark Hanslip as well as international musicians such as Konstrukt, Damo Suzuki and Yuri Landman.

So Much to Answer For: Tombed Visions’ David McLean
An epic interview with Tombed Visions’ David McLean
Tombed Visions Records

Shepherds of Cats

Aleksander Olszewski – percussion, voice, small blowable things
Adam Webster – cello, looper, voice
Jan Fanfare – clavinet D6, voice, looper, harmonica
Darek Błaszczak -singing bowls, gongs, porcelain bells, everyday use tools

Pasterze Kotów – Shepherds of Cats is a Wroclaw – based Anglo Polish quartet exploring the the outer limits of good taste and pushing the limits of what should be considered acceptable. Their compositions are created in real time, though sometimes time, like good taste and sense, is suspended. They are hunter gatherers – hunting and gathering sounds and re-appropriating them in sometimes inappropriate manners. They are well mannered and well-meaning. They have shame but no ego.


VJ Pietrushka

Maciej Piątek is a Polish Video Artist based in the UK. Over the years he has been involved in many projects, working mainly on his own experimental video works but also collaborating with various local and international musicians, exploring closely improvised and electronic scene. He has recently received significant recognition of its work with the international video poetry network. His films has been screened & exhibited both nationally and internationally in places such as: ICA in London, Arnolfini in Bristol and Art Gallery of SESI-SP, Sao Paulo. Since 2013 Maciek has been cooperating with a Polish improv group Shepherds of Cats. This informal relation has become the driving force behind his latest short films and visuals. Artists that he has worked with include; Filip Zawada, Isnaj Dui, Tim Benjamin, SGNL.