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Led by Mariae Śmiarowska

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Body – Voice – Embodied Voice

Body – Voice – Embodied Voice

These sessions will serve as an introduction to deep work with the body and the voice. The voice is part of our body, which is something we often forget about. Through this work, we will learn to locate our voice in the body and to expand our awareness of the connection between the two. The focus will be on working with individual as well as group voice, and we will experience the embodiment of our own voice deep inside ourselves. We will try to create a unified organism which sounds like one voice and we will work on harmonization using traditional songs from various cultures.

The man just opened his mouth, which meant that all kinds of secret doors in his body gave way. He did not sing so much as let his soul free
Green Shadows, White WhaleRay Bradbury

In a nutshell

  • physical, vocal and relaxation exercises
  • harmonizing
  • partner work
  • breath
  • resonators
  • vocal range
  • articulation
  • rhythm
  • freeing the voice
  • work with traditional songs from various cultures
  • comfort of vocal expression

Who for?

For anyone over 16. The workshops are aimed toward people who don’t have much experience working with their voice. They are an opportunity to discover the voice, its possibilities, and to develop a greater awareness of this instrument. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes and come prepared to work ba­re­fo­ot or in socks.

What for?

The aim of this work is to expand awareness of one’s body and voice and to give tools to help develop vocal and singing abilities. Through regular practical work, we will find a deeper connection between our body and ourselves, and we will experience the pleasure of singing together. We will open our ears and other senses in order to become more sensitive to sound and vibration in the space and we will learn to better understand how songs work and travel in us and in space. We will work in a focused and playful, warm atmosphere.


  • Thursday, 17:30-19:00 (for beginners / in Polish)
  • Thursday, 19:30-21:00 (for advanced / in Polish)
  • There will also be a chance for longer practice and experimentation once a month during the Vocal Lab. The lab will last 3 hours and will be an opportunity for deeper exploration of different themes. Each lab will be focused on a different theme.


  • semester – 640 zł / *512 zł
  • drop-in class – 45 zł (you can join class at any moment)
  • vocal lab – 75 zł (60 zł for participants of semester course)

* with UrbanCard Premium -20% (cash only)


  • Price: 640 zł / *512 zł (for semester)
  • When: 12 October 2017 – 25 January 2018 (on Thursdays)
  • Venue: OPT, ul. Działkowa 15, Wrocław
  • Min. number of participants: 10, max number of participants: 15
  • Questions?

* with UrbanCard Premium

Sign-up & Payment

Sign up on-line or come and visit us at OPT!
2-3 March 2017 at 7:00 PM
Ośrodek Postaw Twórczych (OPT), Działkowa 15, Wrocław

Payment methods:

  • cash (in the office)
  • bank transfer

For details get in touch with us:

Course leader bio

Mariae Smiarowska is an actor, singer and performer. She trained in L’art Studio in Kraków, Omnibus Ecole de Mime Corporel in Montreal, and Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She worked as an actor with Compagnie VireVolte in Paris and Theatre Sans Frontieres in England for several years. She came to Wrocław to train with Song of the Goat Theatre in 2011. This training inspired her to stay in Wrocław, where she studied Ukrainian polyphonic singing with ethnomusicologist Jurij Pastuszenko. She sang with the folk ensemble Zdrada Osiedla, taking part in the 2014 Caroling on the Rynek and in Kontury Kultury in Nadodrze. She often participates in singing/theatre/movement workshops run through the Grotowski Institute. She used her voice and acting skills in the audio cinema production “Black Sun” created by IP Group and directed by Łukasz Twarkowski. She is currently working as an actor and singer with the Jubilo Foundation in a 2-part project “Hidden Cities”, which is made up of a concert of traditional songs from various cultures and a theatre performance entitled “Black Night, White Day”. Mariae also runs vocal-theatrical workshops and is currently devising her own solo performance.